What Makes LinkedIn So Popular in India?

What Makes LinkedIn So Popular in India?
LinkedIn is an employment-oriented service.
What Makes LinkedIn So Popular in India?
LinkedIn is an employment-oriented service.

LinkedIn Technology Information Pvt. Ltd, the Microsoft-owned networking platform for professionals, is growing rapidly in India. It has more than 50 million profiles of professionals and more than 1 million company pages. On a weekly basis, 5,00,000 active jobs and more than 50,000 skills are added to their profiles by members to showcase their proficiencies to prospective clients, fellow professionals, or potential employers. This meteoric rise in LinkedIn’s popularity is also reflected in its bottomline. Both revenue and net profit have increased significantly.

Why is LinkedIn so Popular in India?

LinkedIn is becoming popular in India owing to the fact that Satya Nadella-led Microsoft has launched a wide array of products and services after it acquired LinkedIn in June 2016 at US$26.2 billion. These products and services helped in the expansion of its user base across different regions of India

1. Launched New Products and Services

  • Linkedin introduced job-seeker toolkit in January 2018, helping its members to find jobs faster. The toolkit equips members to acquire the required skills for making appropriate career change, while it helps recruiters to identify candidates who have the right skills for the job.
  • A Career Advice hub was floated by Linkedin in November 2017, for connecting users with appropriate subject-matter experts. These experts help members in managing their careers.
  • Resume Assistant, a tool launched by Linkedin, builds a resume in MS-Word. This tool tracks millions of job openings and makes intelligent recommendations by tracking the data.
  • The Lite Linkedin app was launched in July 2018 by the company, especially for the Android users in India. Linkedin Lite helps members to access the site easily from mobiles, even where the connectivity is poor. This app can be opened from low-end smartphones too.
  • Introduced by LinkedIn, “Placement”, the first ever initiative in India, will help students in accessing job openings easily.

2. LinkedIn has Become a Preferred Platform for B2B Marketers as Compared to Facebook and other Social Media Channels

The Social Media Marketing Industry report for the year 2015 found that, for B2B marketers, LinkedIn has become the most preferred platform. The survey discovered that 41% of the sample B2B marketers put LinkedIn as their most preferred social media platform, followed by 30% giving Facebook the most preferred platform tag.

3. LinkedIn Surfaced as the Most Effective Social Media Platform for Launch of Products

Traditional press releases do have immense potential of making announcement on social media platforms. However, there is a positive shift of the trend towards LinkedIn kind of platforms. Most B2B brands now prefer LinkedIn to launch a product. When asked about the preferred social media site for making product launch announcements, 81% of the B2B respondents preferred LinkedIn.

4. Linkedin Became the Most Effective Platform for Recruiting New Talents

Over a period of four to five years, LinkedIn has become the preferred social media site for recruiting appropriate talent. LinkedIn’s own research found that there has been an increase in the platform’s usage by around 73%.

5. LinkedIn is the Most Effective Platform for Generating Leads

When it comes to social media sites, LinkedIn has the highest lead conversion rate. While this rate is 0.77% and 0.69% in the case of Facebook and Twitter respectively, in case of LinkedIn the conversion rate is 2.74%.


To conclude, LinkedIn has achieved immense popularity in India, especially after its takeover by Microsoft in 2016. New product launches is one of the main reasons for this meteoric rise of LinkedIn in the sub-continental landscape. While it assists the recruiters to get more suitable candidates, the jobseekers also land quality jobs faster. These are a few reasons why LinkedIn is becoming so popular in India.