A Travel Guide to Coonoor Hill Station

If romantic walks, calm landscapes covered in lush greenery, pleasant climate all year, and beautiful vistas are on your list, Coonoor is the suitable location for you. It is the second most extensive hill station in Tamil Nadu, situated in the Nilgiri Hills, and it is also the second most popular after Ooty. The Nilgiri Hills are a group of mountains in the Western Ghats that create a hotspot of rare species that are unique to the area and a rich biodiversity and flora and fauna show.

Coonoor is a hill town that has tried to maintain architectural remains from its colonial history. It is a hill station that will make you want to immerse yourself in nature’s magnificence and feel utterly comfortable! Coonoor, with its beautiful landscapes of the Nilgiri Slopes, peaceful environment, friendly residents, groomed hills with green rolling beds, and small pathways carved in the dense vegetation for romantic walks, is often regarded as a poet’s, writer’s, and artist’s dream.

Following are the best places to visit in Coonoor:

  • Sim’s Park

Sim’s Park is among Coonoor’s most memorable places to visit. Coonoor’s well-kept botanical centre, where you can readily locate hundreds of thousands of trees and beautiful plants. Sim’s Park, which is home to some of the most charming hills to gaze across, contains a lot of rarest exotic species and brilliant, colourful gardens to relax your eyes.

Your children will undoubtedly have a great time at this location, with a maximum temperature of roughly 30 degrees and a minimum temperature of around 5 degrees. In addition, a specific space is dedicated to a pure landscape to provide viewers with a lovely stay.

  • Droog Fort

Droog Fort, which is currently gaining visitors due to its ruins, is one of the top tourist attractions in Coonoor for hiking. A single wall and a watchtower remain proudly here to entice visitors from all around the world.

You don’t have to worry about bringing your superfluous items up to the top because locker and storage facilities are available. In addition, a variety of unusual and exotic bird species may be seen in the vicinity of the Fort.

  • Law’s Falls

Law’s Falls is the third stop on must-see Coonoor tourist attractions. The falls are stunning and draw people from all around the world. This waterfall has a height of around 180 feet and forms a pool of water at its foot.

This location is around 7 kilometres from the outer boundary of Coonoor and promises to be a beautiful site for naturalists to explore. During the monsoon season, the cascading of this waterfall is breathtaking. However, keep your grasp tight when you go among the rocks here since they might get slippery owing to water and moss growth.

  • Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose is one of the best tourist attractions in Coonoor for getting a 360-degree perspective of the surrounding beauties. While you’re looking at the foliage spread out in front of you, you can see a cascade of Catherine Falls flowing out somewhere in between.

Beautiful green tea farms entirely obscure your path to it. As you make your approach to this point, take in the scent of fresh and soft tea leaves. It is better to visit at midday because there may be fog and mist in the day and night.