A Travel Guide to Goecha La Trek

The Himalayan range’s Goecha La is a rugged mountain pass. The journey begins in West Sikkim’s peaceful small town of Yuksom. The town is charming, with lush green surrounds and a pleasant climate. You may get all of your things in Yuksom before starting the journey because this is the only spot where you will be able to acquire everything you need.

Additionally, before walking the Goecha La, you must first register at the nearest police station and pay the permission charges at the forest police checkpoint. Generally, the agents handle all of these issues, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The first part of the trip to Goecha La takes you through Yuksom to Sachen. Yuksom is located at the height of 5,700 feet, whereas Sachen is located at 7,200 feet. The walking trail follows a journey of breathtaking natural beauty. You will pass through beautiful green meadows, the Rathong River valley, and dense woodlands. Next, you would need to hike upward from Sachen to Tshoka, which is 9,650 feet.

This journey is delightful initially but becomes challenging and steep as it progresses. When you arrive at Bakhim, you will be welcomed to a breathtaking vista of the Yuksom valley. You will travel through Dzongri and Phedang as you continue your journey. You will be able to see the grandeur of a few of India’s densest rhododendron woodlands and receive a stunning glimpse of the Himalayan range’s tallest summits. Finally, you will walk by the lovely Samiti Lake, whose glittering blue waters enchant you.

The whole trek from Yuksom to Goecha La is a visual feast. Besides being a physical challenge, the path is unquestionably among the gorgeous treks one may encounter while trekking in the Himalayan region.

Best Time to Trek

The Goechala journey has two different seasons: April to May (Spring) & October to November (Autumn). Experiencing this journey in only one season is like knowing only a portion of it. It is due to the trail’s location in Kanchenjunga National Park, which is home to a diverse range of plants in its lush forest. And the colours of the woodland vary with the seasons.

As a result, the trek’s whole colourful pallet varies with the weather. Likewise, the way the trip illuminates differs with the seasons. April to May (Spring) is recognized for its beautiful, dreamy appearance, whilst autumn is renowned for its crisp vistas.

How to reach?

  • By Train

You will arrive at NJP, Siliguri’s railway location. The majority of railways to NJP originate in Kolkata. North-east bound railways from Delhi also arrive at NJP without stopping in Kolkata. Railways from both Kolkata and Delhi are frequently booked in advance. Therefore, it is preferable to purchase rail tickets early.

  • By Flight

Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Yuksom. Bagdogra Airport connects Siliguri. Bagdogra is easily accessible by flight from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

  • By Bus

If tickets are too pricey and trains are too crowded (as they typically are), you may travel to Kolkata and then catch a bus to Siliguri. The voyage is lengthy, lasting over 14 hours. The positive aspect is that you can take sleeper coaches and the routes are not too winding.