An Acoustic Marvel called Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort
Spectacular view of the Golkonda Fort!
Golkonda Fort
A Spectacular view of the Golkonda Fort!

Situated west of Hyderabad, Golkonda Fort is like a tiny kingdom in itself. Colossal stone walls, rusted gates and ruins, reveal secrets of the Golkonda fort, its grandeur and a bygone era. It was once a city of diamond trade and hence some brilliant gems like  the Koh-i-Noor and the Darya-i-Noor were excavated from the mines around Golkonda.

The fort itself astounds all with its 15-18 feet high walls, huge gates and ramparts in its first view. As you walk further, around the fort, following are some key attractions that can be explored:

  • Fateh Darwaza or victory gate
  • Bala Hissar Gate
  • Domed apartments, halls, temples, mosques, and even stables
  • Two pavilions on the outer side of Golkonda
  • 400 years old gardens
  • Mortuary baths

Quick Tips

  • Be prepared for some hiking. Wear sturdy shoes.
  • Plan a visit when the weather is clear. Traversing hundreds of stairs in the fort on a moist day might be risky.
  • Stay hydrated. Carry water bottles with you.
  • Be safe from the sun exposure – use sunscreen, carry scarfs.
  • Hiring a guide can prove to be interesting as he will be sharing some fascinating magical tales and myths about the place and help you explore the best sections of the splendid fort in sufficient time.
  • DO NOT miss the view of Hyderabad city from its highest point
  • DO experience the brilliant acoustics of Golconda Fort. Even a hand clap at a certain point below a dome at the entrance or “Fateh Darwaza” reverberates and can be heard clearly even at Bala Hissar, a kilometer away!
  • Don’t rush. Spend quality time there and explore the fort.
  • To experience the tale of the fort and the city of Hyderabad, you can also attend the sound and light show in the evening but wear long sleeves clothes and use mosquito repellents to escape insect bites.

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