An Exquisite Ride on “the Ship of the Desert”

Camel Safari
Camel Safari
Camel Safari

The animal with a hump on its back, decked in traditional outfit and adornments, undoubtedly grabs attention of the tourists in Rajasthan; but the real delight is if you experience the rippling desert sitting on its back. A ride on the back of a camel is often considered as a royal ride.

The ‘Golden City’ of India must be visited during the cooler dry months, that is, from September to March. Camel safaris in India are a must in the deserts around Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

Camel Safari Essential tips

  • Take caution while climbing on the camel. Grip firmly when it is kneeling or standing. Mind the wobbly moves.
  • To avoid having aching legs, make sure the ride is not longer than two hours at a stretch. Prefer to have a padded saddle.
  • Dress to bear the sun and the low temperature at night. Cover your skin as much as possible. Must wear a cap or a hat during the day.
  • Insects do cause trouble at night, so carry an insect repellant along with you.
  • Take a small day bag and carry sunscreen, sunglasses and torch.
  • Your stomach should neither be empty nor full during the ride as it may cause nausea.

Travel and Tour agencies offer several packages that include camel ride to the inner core of the desert and camping facilities in the desert at night.

One must fix the number of days of the safari beforehand, which may vary from one to seven. One should also enquire if food, camping conveniences and transport are included in the safari.