Kanyakumari to Leh

I am walking my dream. hmm… You can say cycling

Hi! I am Yogesh. I am an adventurist. All of us have dreams and I am no exception, maybe I am one amongst those who decide that they have no other option but to walk their dreams. I have worked on a few of my dreams in the past and this dream is all about knowing India. I have decided to cycle my way through it. It may take me 90 days, but my mission is on.

I reached Kanyakumari on 21 Feb at 1:00 am. The train was late so I slept in the train itself and was the last one to get down of it after being woken up by a RPF jawan. It was windy. I went to see my cycle and it was the only thing that got down from the luggage compartment. They said that I can get it only in the morning, so I passed my night at the railway station itself. After getting my cycle, I checked its gears and brakes and stuff, everything was working fine thankfully. I then came out of the station to look for a room and found one for Rs. 250. One can stay at the Vivekanand Kendra as well very cheaply but it remains full most of the times and booking has to be done one month prior.

Follow My Dream

People do sleep at stations, I did

I went out in the city on my cycle and gazed at the endless sea. It was my first ever encounter with a sea/ocean and for that matter, I am in South for the first time and liking it a lot. People are really good here same as what I heard about them before, very hospitable. I bought for myself a wrist bead known as ‘shankhmuni’. Items made from sea shells are in galore here. Mirrors are adorned with sea shells. You have to bargain. Standing at one side of the beach, I saw windmills very far away in distance. I decided to go there on my cycle and had to ride approx 8 kms to reach there. It was worth coming there seeing the huge blades rotating and there were many of them. I ended my day by going to the Sunset Point and saw the best ever beautiful sunset of my life.

In the city itself, I traveled 38 kms on my cycle. I had idli, sambhar, and bonda and came back to my room. Cleaned my cycle and checked its nuts & bolts for the next day trip.