Interiors of Bandeshwar Temple in Bikaner

Interiors of Bandeshwar Temple with carved wooden columns, dancing figures and colorful walls

Located in the royal state of Rajasthan, Bikaner is popular for its rich culture and exquisite architectural marvels, including palaces and temples. The BandeshwarTemple is counted among one of the most popular attractions of Bikaner and is famous for its beautiful interiors, wall paintings and art.

Made of red sand stone and painted in white, the temple has towering roofs intricately done with murals, mirror-work and paintings. Carved wooden columns and dancing figures, colorful walls and sculptures define a sight to be captured. The mandap in the temple complex looks amazing with its frescoes. One can see the skyline of Bikaner from the top floor of the Bandeshwar temple.

Bhand Sagar houses a group of Jain and Hindu temples, which are among the oldest edifices in the city of Bikaner; the  Bandeshwar temple is one of them. You can also visit the Sandeshwar temple located nearby which has gold paintings, sculptures and meena-work (a form of art-work used mostly in jewellery designing today). The best way to get around in Bhand Sagar is by rickshaw. The Bandeshwar temple is also famous for its Mahashivratri celebration.

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