How to solve overpopulation problem in India

Problems for sure are going to arise when you have ever increasing mouths to feed amidst of limited resources. Population in India is growing swiftly in which about 49,000 individuals are added per day and 18 million a year. By looking at the population data it is clear that still about 70% of Indian population lives in villages. 40% of Indians are younger than 15 years of age that means lack of skilled and actual manpower. By 2020 average Indian will be of 29 years. Dependency ratio of India is just 0.4. It is the measure of productive age group which again is very low.

Though you will find that population is growing at an alarming rate in India but actually the condition is bit better than said. During 1960s and 1970s population of India had grown very sharply because of development in medical and health facilities. There was control on certain epidemics like small pox, Malaria and other such diseases. This has really given a steep rise in population. After this was the phase when family planning measures got importance and being advertise publicly  This resulted in a meager decline in the population growth rate. As per population experts, major problem in regard to Indian population at present is that most of its population is in reproductive stage hence leading to more babies though the number of children per family has definitely declined.

Some myths and realities

It is believed that more the population lesser the food and because of overpopulation a large section of people in India is not getting food to eat. It is obvious that for a better life it is essential to have less people but India at present has enough food to feed her people. So actually it is not the population but management that needs to be change for each one to have better facility and life. The food that is getting decayed in the warehouses must reach to the needy. Even there are orders by the Supreme Court for the proper distribution of food. Hence by managing our food resources we can solve the problem of feeding every mouth in India.

It is a fact that Total Fertility Rate (TFR) which means number of children per woman has declined in India over the last sixty years. Earlier it was over six per women and now it is three and some states have even two TFR. Lack of family planning program is said to be the cause of high TFR in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. So make people aware of such programs to bring a decline in growing population.

No doubt that India at present is facing the problem of over population. But the economic issues that are said to be caused by overpopulation can be tackled if understood. One such issue which is generally associated with population growth is lack of proper sanitation facilities. If the problem of sanitation is seen from the point of solving it then it can even be solved with n number of people. According to UNICEF data only 31% of population in India has the proper access to sanitation facilities. One in every ten deaths is caused by diseases because of poor sanitation. In 2006 450,000 deaths have been caused by diarrhea. People defecate in open and rivers leading to ever increasing number of viruses, bacteria and parasite cysts. This is not only causing diseases but polluting the environment as well. So if steps of constructing proper rest rooms at various places can be taken, then this problem can be solved. Along with this people must be made aware of associated benefits of cleanliness and proper sanitation.

Another economic issue that is correlated with over population in India is corruption. But I think this problem is related to morality than over population. Declining moral values is causing corruption. Also people have become selfish and want to earn money through simple means. Not only this but one who is corrupt always find an easy way out to solve the problem or any work. Inculcate moral values to tackle this issue.

How to solve population problem?

Most of the problems that we think are associated with population can be tackled with awareness and education. It has been found out that education and economic development are directly linked to each other. More economic growth means improvement in poverty, sanitation issues, health issues and other such socio-economic matters that are related to population.

Infuse moral values in your kids for the betterment of society and nation as a whole. Number to certain extent is a problem but morality for sure is.

People in India are dependent upon their kids and consider them as their earning hands after retirement or once they grow old. It has been proved that with an increase in per capita income desire to have more kids for more money decreases. So efforts should be made towards increasing per capita income.

As per UN report low marriageable age of female in India is also the cause of more kids. Females who get married by the age of 18 tend to have more kids as compared to one who get married between 25-30 years of age. So late marriage, though to certain extent can help in solving the problem of population in India.

Lowering infant mortality rate can also help in solving the problem of population. It has been seen that mortality rate among poor children is high, and because of this poor couples tend to have more kids. In order to increase the mortality rate there should be proper medical facilities which must reach to poor families on time so that they no longer wish to have more kids.

Educate and empower women to solve the problem of population in India. It is one of the most important steps that must be taken with dedication.

Provide family planning facilities to rural and poor people which at present is easy available in urban and semi urban areas.

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