Best destinations for rock climbing in India

Rock Climbing Destinations in India

Rock Climbing Destinations in India

Among all the adventure sports out there, rock climbing happens to be one of the most popular in India. There are several reasons as to why rock climbing enjoys such immense popularity in the country. First of all, people wish to do something that is off the beaten track and they can do so with rock climbing. Secondly, India provides rock climbers plenty of opportunities thanks to its topography, which seems to be cut out for such activities. This is the reason why you should give this adventure sport a try in 2018. One thing is for sure – the sport is really adventurous and you do need plenty of guts to do it. You also get lots of excitement and adrenaline rush from this activity as well.

Parvati Valley at Himachal Pradesh

The best destination for rock climbing in India is the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The main features of this area are the rocky outcrops and the plantations of alpine flowers. This valley also happens to be a great source of mica. Thanks to the abundance of rocky outgrowth over here you are always going to get plenty of opportunities for rock climbing. It can also be described as one place that backpackers would enjoy to the hilt.

Miyar Valley at Himachal Pradesh

The Miyar Valley is located right at the heart of the magnificent mountain range known as Himalaya. As such, it happens to be one of the best choices for rock climbing in India. It is not as if this is meant only for people within the country. It is well-known outside India too. People also refer to it as the Valley of Flowers. It is full of lush green forests, rivers that are feisty, beautiful peaks that always remain covered in snow, and tiny villages that look straight out of a postcard.

SAR Pass at Himachal Pradesh

SAR is a picture-perfect pass that is full of trekking routes and as such a great place for activities such as rappelling apart from rock climbing. The scenes here can take your breath away and the trails are pretty as well. You get snow at just about everywhere over here but let you be assured that it will not act as a hindrance in your climbing pursuits. In fact, this pass is famous among hardcore rock climbers who flock here each year and have the time of their lives. The pass also witnesses plenty of trekking expeditions on a regular basis.

Shey Rock at Jammu and Kashmir

The region known as Shey Rock is located at Leh in Jammu and Kashmir and as such can be called a mountaineer’s delight without even exaggerating one bit. It is the only peak that you can climb here at Leh and this is the reason why each year you would see plenty of visitors over here. One of the most prominent activities that you would see them take part in is basic rock climbing. It also helps that you get help from the local people who agree to guide you on your journey.

Madhugiri at Karnataka

Madhugiri is also referred to as Maddagiri and is located at a town named Tumkur in Karnataka. The town is well-known for its huge rocks that look like they are overlooking the town. This is the reason why you would see so many enthusiastic rock climbers over here on such a regular basis. On one of the steep slopes over here you would find a fort, which is surprising. The biggest rock over here is also supposed to be one of the biggest of its kind in Asia – monoliths. This is why it is such a special achievement to climb it.

Pythal Mela at Kerala

Pythal Mela is located in the vicinity of a village named Kappimala in Kerala. The hills here are located at a height of 1371.6 m over the sea level and this makes them ideal destinations for rock climbing. You can also perform other activities related to rock climbing over here such as rappelling. It is a cozy location in Western Ghats and this is the reason why you find lush green areas just about everywhere.

Apart from these you can also come to Savanaduga and Ramnagar at Karnataka as well as Malsej Ghat at Maharashtra.