Best Five Camping Locations in India

Camping Locations in India
Camping Locations in India

Top 5 Camping Locations in India

As kids we have all fondly enjoyed setting up our own tents and playing inside it. While many of us have left that game in the past, there are those for whom it is still a game of fun and adventure. The keen interest of these adventure buffs is the reason behind the flourishing growth of camping activities in India. Over the recent years, camping has become a mainstream adventure activity that brings you closer to nature, thereby refreshing your mind and soul. Setting up a camp at a cool place in isolation from the rest of the world it one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. Mountain peaks, jungles or valleys; everybody gets to camp at the choice of their own in India! Summer season is the best time to pack your stuff and escape to a place that brings you closer to the nature. India has a long list of camps running all through the country. All you need to do is to choose a destination and you are all set to have the best time of your life! Here is a list of the five most happening camping destinations in India:-

1. West Ladakh Camp

Location: Ladakh

Ladakh is like a heaven for camping. The landscape here is so mesmeric that you never want to come back from that place. You an ever start trekking from this particular location and move up to the monasteries located nearby. Each tent has a very beautiful surrounding adorned with rocks and willow trees where the migratory birds are found to be resting. Authentic Ladakhi and Tibetan food can also be enjoyed here.

2. Kareri Lake Camp

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Kareri Lake is a fresh water lake located at distance of 9 kilometres from Dharamshala. It is an isolated location where roads cannot be reached and so you need to trek to reach this place. Camping at the riverside provides an ultimate experience with nature which is absolutely impossible to forget. Beautiful flowers and dense conifers bring happiness to the heart.

3. Manvar Camp

Location: Rajasthan

A camp that takes you back to the golden times, Manvar reminds you of the luxury loving king Jehangir. Living in the deserts could not have been so exquisite if at all this splendid king had not transformed it into the royal getaway. Exclusively embellished tents with luxurious setting and mouth-watering food await the visitors. Camps are lit up with mashaals and camp fires which remind you of the days of war.

4. Lion Safari Camp

Location: Gujarat

Have you ever imagined yourself camping with the lions? The lion safari camp in the Gir National Park gives you a chance to try out the unimaginable! Tents here are exclusively designed with en suite bathrooms to keep you at ease. The camp is surrounded with Mango farms that make you crave for mangoes all the time. It is the only place after Africa where lions roam around freely.

5. Nameri Eco Camp

Location: Assam

Nature’s paradise is what people call it, the Nameri Eco Camp offers a delighting experience to its visitors. It has a plenty of activities to offer for entertainment. Fishing and rafting are the main activities that the campers indulge in at this place. There are more than 300 species of the birds at this location. Food and other equipments are provided free to the visitors.

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