Biggest Malls in India: Shop, Have Fun, Drop

2. LuLu International Shopping Mall, Kochi (2,500,000 sq ft )

You know the most visited place in Kerala is not some natural wonder, nor is it some historical building or a place. It is this mall!!! Recording a footfall of over 80,000 each day, this holistic shopping place has all and everything you desire and want to desire.

Quicks and Quirks

  • Opened in 2013
  • Frequented by international tourists
  • A total of 5 floors
  • 215 retail stores spanned on 5 floors
  • An Entertainment centre which includes indoor climbing, 5D cinema, arcade gaming zone, bowling alley, ice skating, and more
  • A total of 9 screen PVR Cinemas multiplexes spanning area of about 71,000 square feet
  • Covered with translucent roof, there is a large glass central atrium
  • A food court with 2,500-seater, 4 dining restaurants, and 22 multi-cuisine kitchens
  • A parking space for over 3500 vehicles
  • The mall publishes ‘Lulu Happiness’, a magazine which talks about all the trends & fads, sales & offers, latest brands and products that are lining up in the shops and stores in there