College trip to beautiful Kullu – Manali

College Trip To Kullu Manali
College Trip To Kullu Manali

Trip To Kullu Manali

As a  gift by our university for winning the Youth Festival, the head of Dance Drama and Music Club of our college with his family and one more professor, took us to visit the beautiful valley of Kullu and Manali on a 3 nights and 4 days trip. We were about 30-40 students from different departments of the University and so a bus was hired. This trip was organized during the summer.

The bus started from The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) campus in the morning. We were so thrilled and took ourseats. On the way we stopped  for tea and snacks. Our stay was planned at the Bejora Krishi Vigyan Kendra (must have some collaborations with our University). We reached Bejora at night and at that hour the place looked quite ordinary, but we could hear the sound of water. Our group decided to get up early in the morning to check out some nearby places. To our surprise, everybody had planned the same. Hence, almost everyone was on a morning excursion. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra had apple orchards for experimental purposes and a mess besides lodging facilities for students and teachers. After getting information about the place we came to know that the Beas River was flowing just behind the place where we were staying. So all of us planned a morning walk to the river. Frankly speaking that was one of the best views of Beas as it was taking a turn at that point. The Beas was extremely wide at that place and its water seemed to be wild. We sat on the stones by the banks of river and played with water for some time. I must admit that that morning walk was one of the most refreshing walks I had ever taken.

After having breakfast at Bejora, we headed towards Kullu and reached there within 2-3 hours. But as there was no other place to see except for Kullu itself, so we stopped there to have some refreshments and headed towards Manali.

We reached Manali in the evening and were very excited. Two group accommodations were booked for students and rooms in another hotel were booked for teachers. As all of us were tired, so our teachers showed us our rooms and went to their own hotel, which was at a some distance from ours. Now all of us were on our own. Our accommodation was just on the main road and so there was no problem in getting dinner. After taking a bit of rest we went to the market and found a small but very good restaurant. We had our dinner and planned to go there for breakfast as well.

Since it was a college trip and the students prefer not to sleep at night, someone decided to bring our beddings outside the hotel in the veranda as there were no lights and mosquitoes were buzzing around in our room. All of us followed the instructions and within no time our beddings were outside. We sang songs, played different games and enjoyed ourselves a lot there.

The next morning, after having a breakfast, my friend decided to see the Beas River again. We went there but it was not as good as it was in Bejora. After this we visited the Hidimba Temple. Hidimba is an ancient temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi (a character from the epic Mahabharata) and is surrounded by cedar forest (Dhungri Van Vihar). People worship the deity in the temple that was built in 1553. That day a fair was organized close to temple so some friends of mine had enjoyed the merry-go-round, pendulum and other rides.

After lunch our teachers decided to visit Solang Valley which is an adventure site for tourists. The panoramic view of the snow capped mountains from Solang Valley was breath taking. Some tourists were paragliding for which this valley is famous. We prefer to enjoy the valley on foot, but it was slippery because of rain. After spending couple of hours there we came back to our hotel. We stayed there overnight and in the morning headed towards PAU, back home.

This was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Manali’s weather, friends, teachers and everything related to the trip was just awesome. One must experience a college trip at least once.


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