Cruising over the Ganges on the Bengal Pandaw

Bengal Pandaw
Cruising over the Ganges on the Bengal Pandaw
Bengal Pandaw
Cruising over the Ganges on the Bengal Pandaw

For a unique, river cruising experience, I would suggest just one name – RV Bengal Pandaw. Overwhelming hospitality, discovering India’s incomparable destinations, sailing and traversing your ways on a cruise. How else could one describe a perfect holiday!

Pandaw Cruises Pvt Ltd owned by Strachan family, incorporated in Singapore, is a name when it comes to cruising in Asia. Maintaining high standards of services, explicitly designed ships and friendly atmosphere, the Pandaw ensures a comfortable journey and a memorable expedition for its passengers.

Amenities and Facilities:

  • Laundry, air-conditioning, bakery and well-equipped refrigeration are among essential amenities provided by the cruise.
  • Emergency lighting, fire safety systems, life jackets, rafts and smoke detector systems have been installed, ensuring a safe journey for all.
  • High crew to passengers ratio guarantees responsible hospitality and prompt services for the travellers.
  • Great meals are offered serving both local and European dishes; both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
  • Events are organized on-board to ensure a amiable atmosphere. Cocktail parties and special performances are conducted for the guests.
  • Observational saloon – A great space to watch and enjoy the sunset views.

India’s National Waterways No.1, that is, the Ganges and the Hooghly river system was chosen as for the first river cruise in India when the Pandaw Cruises India Pvt Ltd entered into collaboration with the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI). And, since 2009, the company has operated successful upstream and downstream cruises in the country.

Following are Cruise options that the Pandaw offers:

Incredibly on the Ganges Cruise (12 Nights and 13 Days)

  • Kolkata to Varanasi (Upstream)
  • Varanasi to Kolkata (Downstream)

Covers: Kolkata, Kalna, Matiari, Murshidabad, Jangipur, Farakka, Raj Mahal, Karagola, Bateshwarsthan, Sultanganj, Munger, Nalanda, Bodhgaya, Varanasi

Lower Ganges (9 Nights and 10 Days)

Covers (Round trip from Kolkata to Kolkata): Kolkata, Chandernagore, Kalna, Matiari, Murshidabad, Kushbagh, Murshidabad, Baranagar, Katwa, Mayapur, Santipur, Bandel, Dakshineshwar

Bengal Yatra (6 Nights and 7 Days)

  • Kolkata to Farakka then back to Kolkata by Train (Upstream)
  • Kolkata to Farakka by train then back to Kolkata by cruise (Downstream)

Covers: Kolkata, Kalna, Matiari, Murshidabad, Jangipur, Farakka

Ganga Yatra (9 Nights and 10 Days)

  • Kolkata to Jangipur by train and then Varanasi by cruise (Upstream)
  • Varanasi to Jangipur by cruise then back to Kolkata by train (Downstream)

Covers: Kolkata, Farakka, Raj Mahal, Karagola, Batheshwarsthan, Sultanganj, Mujger, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi