Daryaganj’s Sunday Book Bazaar, a Bibliophiles’ Joint

Book Market Daryaganj

Book Market Daryaganj

The burgeoning hustle and bustle of city life has seized Delhiites so much so that they have almost stopped socializing. With hectic schedules, nobody has adequate time to meet friends or hold a conversation. In such a scenario, books have indeed proved to be the most reliable companions of their lives. Delhiites might not come across as the bibliomaniacs but they definitely are avid lovers of books. The jostled up street of the Daryaganj market gives the perfect testament of the value books hold in their lives!

Sunday mornings bring an aesthetic charm to this small area in Old Delhi when the much popular flea market paves its way through Daryaganj. All you see is books spread across the entire crowded street. Hundreds of readers and knowledge enthusiasts flock the market right from the early morning. Among them are the intellectual bookworms, selective readers, students and those who only love collecting exclusive editions and literary works. Pavements are carefully suffused with stacks of books such that the buyers can easily find the book of their interest.


Said to be one of the oldest book markets, the weekly market at Daryaganj was started in the year 1964. Daryaganj was once a part of the walled city of Shahjahanabad and served as a small open market for its residents. River Yamuna flowed right outside this walled city and therefore this area was named as ‘Daryaganj,’ River’ meaning ‘Darya’ and ‘Market’ for ‘Ganj’.

What it offers

Daryaganj market offers a stupendous plethora of books, magazines, newspapers and journals. More than 200 vendors can be seen selling books of all kinds, shapes, sizes and prices. Starting right from Rs 10 the price of the books can reach an insane height. There are exclusive novels and rare collections of both Indian as well as foreign authors. Apart from the usual reads, the academic texts can also be bought at cheaper prices. Some vendors also offer exclusive exchange offers. The entire market runs on the bargain system; the better your capabilities, the more you profit! The prices of the books are generally quite low but the variety is immensely profound. Many big publishing houses also have their offices at Daryaganj. The booksellers are impressively knowledgeable and well-organized.

Daryaganj is that treasure of books which never runs out of flow! Every Sunday brings with it yet another opportunity to extract knowledge and find new friends in these books. The market is an entertaining avenue for not only the avid readers but also for knowledge seekers. One can also get old coins, stationery, crafts and paintings at a cheaper price. After this exhausting treasure hunt, you relish a delightful gastronomic experience at the “Paranthe wali gali” in Chandni Chowk!

Location: Daryaganj, near Delhi Gate, Old Delhi, Delhi

Nearest Metro Stations: Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazar

Opening Hours: 6 am to 9 pm

USP: Books, Newspapers, Journals

Popular: Limited edition novels at cheap prices

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