Day 2 – Thiruvananthapuram to Kollam – (Kanyakumari to Leh cycling)

I reached faster because a dog started chasing me :)
I reached faster because a dog started chasing me 🙂

The hotel receptionist at Thiruvanthapuram was so good that he started banging my door at 5:20 am as I told him that I will check out at 6 am the next day. I got ready and brought my cycle down as I always keep my cycle in my room to clean it and check its nuts and bolts and see if it requires any kind of repairing. I filled my water bottle from the restaurant down as I did not want to be like the previous day of cycling without having water and buying it on my way. It was difficult time for me to get out of the city to take the highway. The GPS in my phone came very handy for this purpose which took me out of the city in just 20 minutes after I got started. I left my hotel in dark today so that I can cover some distance before the sun is up. I was chased by a dog after he got curious what was there in my panniers hanging behind on the carrier of my cycle. It was much required for me as it made my adrenaline rush and I was riding faster after that.

I love the down slopes and I got many today along the route but as soon as cycle gets on plain road after down slopes, it becomes too difficult for me to paddle then. I am like the center of attraction on highway. Seeing my look and other cycle stuff, everybody thinks that I am a professional cyclist. I was being waved today by a few school going students from window of their bus and this  kept me going. Today was quite different from previous day. I felt too tired to ride in the morning but as the time passed by, I felt strong and less tired. I reached Kollam at 11am after 75 kms from Trivandrum. Searching for a hotel was not so difficult today. I got one on the Beach Road by the name Hotel Ambadi for Rs. 200. Decent enough to spend the night.

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi Statue