Discover Delhi: Hop on to the HOHO bus!




The grandeur of the historic city of Delhi cannot be experienced in just one day. Delhi, in its vicinity, holds many chronicles of India’s golden past. While some of them have become national heritages, the others still remain shrouded in isolation. Whether popular or not, the architectural heritages in the city remain destitute to the status of just old buildings. Forget about the tourists, not even the denizens of Delhi have seen them for once in their entire lives! This callous behaviour towards the glorious heritage is like an affront to our ancestors.

Whether it is the lack of knowledge about the historical sites or just the unavailability of transport or any other reason that has hindered your interest in Delhi’s history, it’s time to forget the past and get ready to explore the city in the most splendid way! Diligent efforts by the Government of Delhi to promote the architectural heritage have made it extremely convenient for everyone to experience the various historical delights with their own eyes. The concept of the HOHO bus was started by the tourism department for the tourists to experience Delhi in a very comfortable way by organising sightseeing tours across Delhi according to their preference.

The HOHO buses run on a specific route which covers a list of structures, allowing the tourists to board or deboard at any pick up/drop off point. This tour covers most of the museums, monuments, gardens, shopping bazars, hotels and galleries around the city. These buses are fully air-conditioned and extremely comfortable, and run at a frequency of 30 minutes. Entertaining tour guides are available at your service to make your journey joyous and memorable. A detailed guide of the routes of these buses is available at the government website, wherein you can choose your preferred route and book the tickets online.

Now that the government has made it very conducive for everyone to explore Delhi in its rfull glory, it makes it absolutely mandatory for you to spare some time and acknowledge the city you live in!

Bus Timings: 8 am to 8 pm

Bus Fare: Starting from Rs. 300 per person

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