Five Things to make your Monsoon Fun and Memorable!

Monsoon Fun and Memorable
Monsoon Fun and Memorable
Monsoon Fun and Memorable
Monsoon Fun and Memorable

With dark clouds roaring up in the sky, we know its time to welcome the monsoon season! After months of oppressive heat and irritable conditions, monsoon comes as a big boon in our lives. And as the much awaited hush falls our heart dances to the rhythm of the downpour. In India, Monsoon season has a very special meaning for the people. For the hardworking farmers it is like a blessing from the God which supports their living! All in all, it is happy season which brings smiles to the face and love in the heart. Yes, it is also the official love season celebrated by the lovebirds all over the country. The weather becomes so mild and pleasant that it automatically changes the mood to the happier one. While most of us totally relish the monsoons, there are those who can’t stand the bare sight of rain. For them, it is the season of unstoppable pouring which hinders their movement out of their house. Well, since we cannot really do much about the monsoon it is better to let yourself free off the inhibitions and try and enjoy this beautiful weather. But if you actually don’t know how to make the most of this season, let me tell you about the things you could do to enjoy the monsoon and making it lovingly memorable! Here it goes:

1. Host a Monsoon Party

Definitely try out this one if you want to cherish the memories of monsoon every year! Call out all your friends and plan for a mind-blowing house party! Invite them for a sleepover or go to their place for the same! Have gala time munching, drinking and dancing in the rain. Trust me, there is nothing better than a monsoon party to make this season memorable for all through the year.

2. Go for a long drive

Just as Akhay Kumar, try singing out to your partner or whomsoever you want to go with “Long drive pe chal chal chal”! Don’t worry, its not as crazy as you must be thinking it to be! With the sky pouring down love, it is time to bring some romance into your relationship. For those with partners, it is the best time and the best weather to spend quality time with your better-half! Go for a drive to a far off place, get drenched, munch in roadside delights and simply watch the monsoon doing wonders to your relationship. And yes, you could also do the same with your friends as well!

3. Sip in a cup of Tea with Pakoras

This might be the most clichéd thing for the monsoons but it is definitely a must try for everybody! There is no better way to look at the rain other than hanging out with your buddies or with your family and grabbing a handful of pakoras with tea. I don’t know why but this actually comes naturally to the Indians! As soon as they see the rain, the instantly demand for tea and pakoras! A good weather, a good company and good conversation, what else do you need to enjoy life?

4. Get drenched, Play football

The rainy season is just not complete unless you get yourself drenched completely by playing or dancing in the rain! Well, dancing might be little filmy though but you could definitely try your hand (foot in this case) on football! Don’t worry even if you think you are not young enough to play, the monsoon season brings out the child in everyone! Young or old, girl or a boy; everybody is allowed to feel the joy of playing in the rains! And if nothing else, then at least get drenched!

5. Go for a short holiday

Monsoon season is actually the off season for the tourists! So, no matter which place you visit you would find it to be less crowded and less noisy! The real beauty of a place can only be relished if there aren’t much people around. Go to the beaches if you want to maximize the fun of the rainy season. You would love it! The enchanting beauty of the beaches in the rain will make you go head-over-heels for the monsoon season!