God’s Own Boat Cruise

Kerala Boat Cruise
God's Own Boat Cruise
Kerala Boat Cruise
God’s Own Boat Cruise

Certain parts of Kerala transport you to a world unknown, the world of the God’s.

Kerala is a destination where you desire to take your beloved on a journey of romance amidst tranquility. You desire to go away from the rigmarole of daily chores, work stress and strains of your own ecosystem. The desire to be at peace is so strong that the love doesn’t stop. It is not only your beloved whom you love while on this vacation, it is the wholeness of it which takes you away. There is something in the sky, the roof over your head, from the first light of sunlight the backwaters start showering positive vibes. The sun and the trees play hide and seek during the day, as the boat moves at its own leisurely pace you just ask yourself over and over again, why you have come so late to be one with the heaven on earth. Evenings are not pitch dark and a full moon night on the houseboat is full of games the water and moonlight play together for you. 

It can be like sailing through one big bird sanctuary, every bird flies so purposely as if they are carrying and passing messages all the time, may be messages of love, passion and peace.

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