Who is God?

(What you are going to read here is my personal opinion and it has nothing to do with the faith of the reader.)

Can you confine or define God in religion? Or be very precise can you just define God? Hindu God, Muslim God, Christain God and so on. But God does not have any religion and there is no definition of God except for – “God is one”. Now, how to make him happy? Most of us believe that the only way to make him happy is to follow the centuries old rituals and blindly keep on doing what our ancestors used to do. But who has made these rituals? I think man, and man is not so perfect that he knows everything and knows the right way to make the supreme power happy. Then the next dilemma is – do you think that by changing the place of God at home can bring good or bad omen to the family? Is God so selfish that by just changing the place will make him angry and he will start behaving like human being and do harm to you. No. All these are man-made perceptions and so not accepted.

I personally feel that God is not in a particular idol or image, he is inside you, he is everywhere, in his every creation, in your innocence, in your right deeds, in your love and faith. Whatsoever you are planned to do in life you will definitely do but he gives you the power to do it in a right way. He gives you the courage to bear any kind of loss. Good and bad are inside you and your decision can either take you on a right or wrong path. He won’t be angry if you are doing good to the society, helping the needy and living life unselfishly. There is no short cut to make him happy.

We follow the religion in which we are born and without a question become a strong believer of the same. Further our inclination towards rituals depends upon our family and the way it deals with such things. So you are what your family is and many of us without question believe the same. Some people do question the validity of their beliefs once they attain maturity or come across such person. Each religion tries to be the best and claims to be correct which itself is not right. God has not created a religion but shown us a right path to follow. There are examples of many religious conflicts and some even take brutal form killing several people. Do you think God wants all these on the name of religion? As per our division of God on the basis of religion, up in the heaven, Gods from all religions might be doing meeting and discussing the agendas and what is happening on the Earth. But most likely there is no such thing as there are not hundreds of Gods but just one. He has given us mind and we must use that to do right things. If we cannot, then animals are far better than us as they do not differentiate each other on the basis of religion.

You cannot describe God or give him any shape or gender. The eternal reality is so pure that it cannot harm you but love you like his children and will definitely scold or punish you if you will do anything wrong. Just out of fear we have made everything so complex that instead of God we have started fearing about his anger. Believe in God, believe in yourself and love life.

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