Beauty marvel at Haridwar

Scenic beauty at Haridwar

If you are planning to go to Haridwar, this sight of Cable Bridge across the Ganga at Haridwar is a must see. This attraction is a very new addition and the scene at night is just amazing to watch.

The major attractions of the bridge include:

1. Colorful lighting all across.

2. Lord Shiva statue that looks beautiful alongside.

3. It is above the Ganga, so a pious place for Hindus…while crossing, you are passing over the holy Ganga.

4. When lights are on, it gives a colourful view of the place.

5. Additionally, stepping on the bridge gives peace and solace to the mind.

All in all, it’s a calm and soothing place and a must visit, especially during the nighttime.

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Haridwar Cable Bridge - with Lights
Article Name
Haridwar Cable Bridge - with Lights
Haridwar Cable bridge is an amazing place to pass through. The bridge is small though and is of 2 lanes but it is a delight to watch especially during nights when lights are on. The vibrant color add more peace and soothing effect.