About 4 km to the west of Udupi, Malpe is an important port of the Karnataka coast. It is situated at the mouth of the Malpe River. The river is navigable to small cargo boats for about 10 km during high tide. The place has fascinating natural scenic view. It has been a centre of commercial activities for a long time, and one plus point is that it is a natural port.

Malpe Port

Malpe Port

There are three rocky islands to the west of it. The Daria-Bahadurgad port is famous for its export of processed fish. The sea between the rocky islands and the shore is a safe anchorage for vessels during storms and rough weather. The oldest tile factory of the district, set up by the Basel Mission, exists here. Fishing and fish curing are the important industries of the place.

Malpe Beach in Udipi

Malpe Beach

The Maple beach is the most scenic area of the place where you can go and have lot of fun. You can do water jet-ski and there is a booking counter on the beach where you need to book a boat which will take you to a beautiful St. Mary’s Island nearby.

Bliss at Malpe Beach

Bliss at Malpe Beach

Fish Market at Malpe Port

Fish Market

Malpe is going to be developed into an important fisheries port and I could exactly see the reason for it. Truckloads of fish were being taken to the processing unit when I went there in the morning and innumerable boats were being docked at the port as if they were resting till tomorrow morning for another catch.

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