Of Black Sand And Coconut Groves

Kovalam Beach And Coconut Trees
Kovalam - The beauty of black sand and coconut grooves


Kovalam Beach
Kovalam – The beauty of black sand and coconut grooves

Remove your footwear and let your feet rest on wet, partially black sand, enjoy the feel of the moist sand and allow it to talk to you. Start walking, walk towards acres of exceptionally robust coconut trees bang on the beach, almost like they own the beach. Yes, in a way they do, if it was not for their presence on this black sand it wouldn’t have been magic. The fame this beach has acquired is for centuries of natural bond between the sand, the sea and the coconut trees. Shadows play their game on the sand and the sea, some coconut trees just don’t want to be on sand, you will find them bending all the way towards the sea and coming over it.

Thing to do is to take your hammock, take your book, take your water bottle and keep the day to yourself. Better still, take your loved one and just lie hugging her on the hammock and watch Sea, Sun, Sand and the Trees play their romance for you at Kovalam Beach, Kerala India.

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