Cake Unifies India, So Does Valentine’s Day

Valentine Special Cake
Valentine's day and Cake go together


Valentine Special Cake
Valentine’s day and Cake go together

It is strange but Cake and Valentine’s day would both rank very high on the “National Recognition and Acceptance Index” in India. There’s hardly anyone who is likely to object to eating a cake, of course some would only eat egg-less and a few vegans would have their own take on the same. Cake and Valentine’s Day like the English language are not native to India. Our Love for the English language is credited or discredited to British rule over India, while cake is accepted as “one of our own” and Valentine’s day, a comparatively recent import, is a post independence and “post liberalization” import.

Cake and Valentine’s Day go very well together, they are kind of made for each other. What jelly is to custard, cake is to valentine’s day celebrations in India. Amongst cakes, almost all of India has a preference for chocolate cakes over other varieties- looks like two sins  being done together leave one less guilt. Every city in India has their favorite old and new legendary bakery shops; Delhi has Wenger’s, Mumbai has Monginis, Kolkata has Kookie Jar & Flurys and Bangalore has Nilgiris. The unification part comes back, by and large all cities and all popular cake shops would offer you standard chocolate cakes and their variations.   On Valentine’s Day of course both go together, enjoy!

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