Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol in Goa

Rachol Seminary Goa
Rachol Seminary, Margao, Goa
Rachol Seminary Goa
Rachol Seminary, Margao, Goa

Location: Near Margao, Goa

Also known as: Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol, Raiturchi Patriarkal Siminar (in Konkani)

Rachol Seminary in Goa was established in 1609 as the College of All Saints and later to pay homage to founder of Jesuit Order, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the seminary was renamed College of St Ignatius. It has witnessed an era of transitions and has played a crucial role in preserving Christianity and its rich heritage.

You would love the green ways that lead to the Seminary from Margao. The corridors of the Rachol Seminary have an aroma of its history and you just need to breathe it all. Every corridor (Infirmary, Priest’s, Rector’s Sacristy, Seminary) is adorned with paintings, each having a unique story. The Church inside it has the statue of Saint Constantine, first Roman emperor who got converted to Christianity. The altar is beautifully carved and decorated. It is said that the bones of the saint were brought to this church from Rome and kept in a glass vial that even had his blood drops.

Feasts and Festivals celebrated in the Church: 1st Sunday of August and 1st January

One can also explore the underground tunnels, museum and underwater tank that the seminary has.

It also houses one of the oldest printing press of India where Christian works of literature were published. For a complete experience, walk down to the river and relish the peaceful beauty around you. The seminary offers a three-year Philosophy course (affiliated to IGNOU) and a four year Theology course.

Quick Tips:

  • This is a place for history lovers!
  • Accessibility can be an issue because of poor public transport options. Make adequate arrangements for the same.

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