Places to Gratify Midnight Hunger in Delhi

Famous Food Joints In Delhi

Famous Food Joints In Delhi

Not everyone is a morning person; not everyone likes waking up early. Some people just want to admire the beauty and quietness of the night. They are the night wanderers who set out on the road once everybody else calls it a day. A fairly large population of Delhi subsists during those odd hours of night when most of us are sleeping through our dreams. While many of them are awake by choice, for some it is their work. Different people, different reasons, but what’s common is their search for food at these wee hours! Finding food at midnight when half of the city is sleeping can be difficult. But thank God, there are a good number of food joints in Delhi which cater to the needs of this other half. So, if you are one of such night lover looking for food in the early hours, here is a list of some eateries which will serve you good at any hour!

1. Comesum

Located at Inderlok, Nizamuddin station and Chandni Chowk, this place is one of the most visited places in Delhi. It is open round the clock and serves good food with seating arrangements.

2. Convergy’s Dhabas

Every youngster will swear by the coolness of this place! Located just outside their building in Gurgaon, this place offers some mind-blowing paranthas!

3. Moolchand Paranthe Wala

Located right opposite to the Moolchand metro station, this is a good option for you to delve into the crispness of paranthas in Delhi. Since it’s a roadside stopover, there isn’t seating space available here.

4. 1440 at Hotel Vikram

The best thing served here is the fish, although the variety here is immensely gratifying. Right from Bun Omlettes to Pastas, they serve almost everything that your taste buds can ask for.

5. 24*7 Outlets

This chain of departmental stores has flourished all over the city. This is one of the best places to depend on for midnight snackies! You can even get proper food like Rajma Chawal over here.

While these are some places which are open all through the night, food joints like Mc Donald’s, Slice of Italy, Starbucks, etc., are open till 1 am. Also available are the restaurants at five-star hotels. So now you have a fair idea of where to head to when your stomach longs for food at odd hours!