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Port Blair: The Ultimate Destination for Nature Lovers!

March 11, 2014
Port Blair

The Mesmeric White Sand Beach at Port Blair

Who would have imagined that a mesmeric location like Port Blair was once the home to the most dreadful jail one could ever think of! Known as “Kala Pani”, it is the same cellular jail which was used to exile political prisoners by the British.  Today, Port Blair is considered to be one of the most exotic locations that comes to the mind while planning a romantic holiday. A feeling of being in a different country strikes the heart right from the time you are about to land at this place. Splendid lush greenery, glistening white sand beaches and clear turquoise blue water, the city of Port Blair is as heavenly as it sounds!

Popularly known as the “Veritable Garden of Eden”, Port Blair is the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The uniqueness of the city lies in the fact that it houses people of almost every religion without any regional conflict. It is often deemed as a “Mini India”. There are a number of exquisite tourist attractions in Port Blair that make this city even more attractive. The best of those are the group of some of the most spectacular islands that the Andamans comprise of. The boat rides that transfer you to these beautiful islands are super exciting and worth experiencing.

The beaches at Port Blair have exceptionally sparkling white sand and crystal clear water.  Being a relatively unexplored travel destination, it is less troubled by large chunks of tourists. Therefore, one can enjoy an amazing solitude here. The landscape of Port Blair is so picturesque that is referred to as a “photographer’s paradise”. It has been used as a shoot location for models from all over the world. The limestone caves, mud volcanoes and the customs and culture of the Jarawa tribe which resides in the forests of Port Blair, it is a must to experience all of these!

So, these vacations don’t be too typical! Try out this unusually dynamic place as a travel destination this year!


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