Recipe for Crunchy Potato Cheeseballs

Potato cheese balls are the perfect snack to make you go crazy; it’s a mouth-watering combination of cheese and potatoes. Crunchy on the surface, soft and cheesy on the inside part, these cheese balls melt in your mouth and make your taste buds glide with their fantastic taste. Moreover, they are an excellent snack for kids and people as it is low in Spice. This snack is the perfect heavenly blend of India’s staple vegetable potato and Italian cheese; it is the go-to recipe for any party or get-together.

 Loved by millions of people worldwide, it is a popular snack and gets widely eaten worldwide. This snack is on the heavier side of the calorie scale, full of carbs and fats, but you know what they say- a little cheat day does not harm!

For a healthier alternative, you can air fry the balls instead of frying them. The recipe is pretty easy, so don’t worry, even if you are an amateur, we got your back!


200g Potato 


1/8Tsp Salt

2Tbsp 50g Flour 

Mozzarella cheese 

1 Egg 

20ml Milk 

50g Flour 

Bread crumbs 


  1. Take 200g potatoes and peel their skin after washing them thoroughly. 
  2. Now pierce some sticks into the potatoes and place them in a way that they act as a tripod platform.
  3. Place the platform in a vessel with scalding water. This method will make sure that the potatoes are soft enough to mash afterwards. Just a suggestion! You can mash them without the system also.
  4. Add 1/8Tsp Salt and 2Tbsp 50g Flour into the potato mixture and mix the ingredients to make a dough.
  5. Take a block of mozzarella cheese and cut it into small squares. Not too big, no too small- just the optimal size. Take a small size of the dough and flatten it into a circle. Add the cheese cube to it. Re-shape this dough with cheese in optimum balls.
  6. Refrigerate these balls for 30 minutes.
  7. To make the coating mix, add an egg and pour 20ml milk into it and whisk it. Next, add 50g flour to the mixture.
  8. Take your cheeseballs and add them to the glazed mix, and then roll the ball into bread crumbs. Then, repeat the process once again.
  9. Pipe in the balls in a vessel with hot oil. Keep frying for 3-6 minutes till it turns golden brown.

Enjoy and relish the snack!