Top 5 Korean Restaurants in India

A true food connoisseur comprehends what menus cater to their taste and people in general. Food that tugs a person’s heartstrings is the one that is deserving of eating. For a decade, countless people have taken quite a fondness for Korean cuisines and culture, thanks to the glorious wave of Korean pop. People want to understand about Korean culture, their way of existence, and the food they consume. More specifically, because of their gleaming skin. Society often associates glowing skin to the type of diet a person consumes. But, with no suspense, Koreans have a glass-like clear skin texture that the world resents. 

Not so long ago, there was limited to no influence of Korean culture on Indian society. Still, with modernization and globalization, people have taken the interest in traversing different world cuisines. Food bloggers and people often travel around to find restaurants offering foods from different cultures and countries.

Society often misinterprets Korean food as just rice and kimchi. But in certainty, Korean cuisine covers a wide range of low-carb dishes that are mouth-watering and wholesome. So you get the best of both worlds! Taste with health.

Here, we present the top 5 Korean restaurants in India:

Hengbok – Linking Road, Bandra

Hengbok is a must-try on any foodie’s list, bringing in an assorted array of Korean cuisine. Offering several dishes like kimchi, Tteokboki, fish, Korean pork, and octopus, Hengbok has it all covered. Hengbok in Korean symbolizes happiness, and that is precisely what the place offers.

Gung the Palace, Sector-29, Gurugram

With an aesthetically pleasing traditional Korean setup of doors and tables, Gung the Palace offers a wide variety of Korean food from Kimchi fried rice (Bokkeumbap), spicy stir-fried octopus (Nakji Bokkeum), Ginseng chicken soup (Samgye-tang), mung bean pancake (Bindae-tteok), dried seaweed roll (Gimbap), Korean wine (Soju), and many more.

The Shim TurPaharganj, New Delhi

Having crispy seafood pancake as its speciality, the Shim Tur is another must-try restaurant hidden in the narrow lanes of Paharganj. Providing mesmerizing scenery along with a mouth-watering menu like Sushi, Kimchi salad, bibimbap, wet noodles, ramen, and salad, Shin tur is the moment. Just like a diamond, hard to find but very valuable.

Soo Ra Sang, Bengaluru

Built-in a traditional Korean setup, Soo Ra Sang is hidden behind the airport. The dining is the typical Korean style- self-serve! Offering authentic Korean food like fish stew base in soy sauce, seafood soups, and barbecues along with a warm ambience, you would feel at home. Don’t forget to try their speciality – barbeques – the best in the town.

Hi Seoul, Bengaluru

Named after the Capital city of Korea, the Hi Seoul (Annyeong Seoul) restaurant is located inside a mall. Offering an assorted medley of authentic Korean food like Hameul Pajeon, Dumpling soup, Kimchi Jigae, and Bulgogi- this place makes sure your tongue dances in reverence. Also, don’t forget to try the ‘Chicken Hot Pot’. Though the menu is pretty basic, it would surely leave you awestruck.

Make sure to keep the list in hand when it comes to your next adventure or travel. You won’t be disappointed!