Reminisce the path of Lord Buddha in India!

Buddhist Tourism in India
Buddhist Tourism in India
Buddhist Tourism in India
Buddhist Tourism in India

The 6th Century BC was a tumultous phase in the history of India which witnessed the rise of religious unrest in the country. Religion was the dominating factor in the lives of the Indians and people were direly inquisitive about spirituality and salvation. The Vedic philosophies established by the dominant Brahmins failed to satisfy the masses and thus led to the rise of a number of Protestant Religions. Out of the number of sects that emerged during that period, Buddhism survived the test of time and found its identity as a distinct religion.

When the evil spirit of the caste-system began to haunt the lives of people, they found resort in the newly developed religion called Buddhism. Founded by the historical Gautam Buddha, it came to be known as the religion of the “Awakened One”. The teachings of this sage formed the basis of Buddhism and rapidly spread across the country. Those hurt by the orthodox religious order found peace in the teachings of Gautam Buddha and declared him to be their God. Though Buddhism became the state religion by the 3rd century BC, it almost disappeared from India with the course of time.

Spreading its wings outside India, Buddhism became a widely acknowledged religion around the world. It found its roots primarily in the Asian Countries especially China and Nepal. Today, Buddhism is practiced as an anti-caste religion in many parts of the globe. There has always been a tiff on deciding whether Buddhism originated in India or Nepal. The presence of a number of Buddhist Pilgrimages in India make this place an important site for the Buddhists all over. And this belief has, thus, given birth to Buddhist Tourism in India.

Some of the major pilgrimage sites in India that are revered by the Buddhists all over are:

  • Bodhgaya:

Located in the Indian state of Bihar, Bodhgaya is the site where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. The major tourist attraction at this place is the renowned Mahabodhi Temple.

  • Sarnath:

Located in Uttar Pradesh, Sarnath is the place where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon. The prime attraction here is the Dhamekh Stupa which is considered to be the “Seat of Lord Buddha”.

  • Kushinagar:

A small town sprawling across an area of 6 kilometers in Uttar Pradesh, it is the same place where Lord Buddha attained the ultimate salvation. His last sermon was also delivered at this place.

Lakhs of tourists are seen visiting these sites everyday. Believers and non-believers both visit these places to enlighten themselves with the true meaning of life and existence. Buddhist tourism has thereby given India a chance to expand its tourism industry.