Five Breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset Beaches of India

Sunset at a Beach
Beautiful Sunset at a Beach
Sunset at a Beach
Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset at a Beach

It is often said that happiness lies in the small things. While I was thinking about the small things that bring true happiness, one of the immediate thoughts that struck my mind was of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. There is no better way to begin your day other than looking at a sunrise, and nothing more relaxing than spending a quiet evening watching the sunset. Even though this scenic panorama can be witnessed anywhere, the best place is a beach. Imagine yourself relaxing on the sand, enjoying the lyrical motion of the sea waters, blissfully gazing at the mesmeric sunrise or sunset. Just a simple thought of it brings peace and calmness to the mind!  So while you start packing your bags and head towards a beach, here is a list of the top five beaches that offer the most appealing sunrises and sunsets in India!

Here it goes:

  1. Elliot’s Beach, Chennai: Located in Basant Nagar, the Elliot’s Beach is one of the most splendid beaches in India. The atmosphere here is immensely relaxing and refreshing. If peace and solitude is what you are looking for, this is the perfect beach for you.
  2. Andhakaranazhi Beach, Kerala: Located around 30 km from Kochi, this beach is one of the best for sunsets in India. The golden colour of the lapping waters is something not to be missed.
  3. Calangute Beach, Goa: Goa has no dearth of beautiful beaches that offer enchanting natural views. But arguably the best place to enjoy sunrise/sunset is the Calangute Beach. The view here is spellbinding as the sun appears a lot closer.
  4. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar: Surrounded by the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, this beach is one of the most popular ones in India. The long stretch of the beach, with absolutely nothing to interfere in your view, offers a strikingly surreal sunset that captivates the mind.
  5. Tenneti Park Beach, Vishakhapatnam: Located near Kailasagiri hills, this beach has been named after a freedom fighter. The picturesque blend of hills and water is the USP of this beach. Watching a sunrise/sunset from a cliff proves to be an unforgettable experience.


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