Taki: The divide between India and Bangladesh

The divide that is strong yet fragile.
Shores of Ichchamati river at Taki
The divide that is strong yet fragile.

If you look at this image you would think this is just the shores of a river. Yes it is that of River Ichchamati, but what is unique here is the river that divides two countries. The far end of the river is Bangladesh and from where this image was shot is India. When you come to Taki in West Bengal which is the municipality under Hasnabad police station of Basirhat subdivision in North 24 Parganas, you enjoy the natural surroundings, the river, the green fields, the village life and small town setting juxtaposed into a confusing state, but what traps you in a moment of trance is the river.

Taki Boats
Boats are the lifeline of Taki

Don’t miss a ride on the Ichchamati river, that would take you to a journey of sorts as you would be overwhelmed not only with the vast expanse of the river, but also with the fact that you are sailing near the international border.

Different types of pigeons in Taki
One house had different types of pigeons

On the shore you get the feel of the village life, the greenery, the thatched huts, the simplicity of the people that win your heart. At the same time  you are suddenly jolted from your happy state when a group of village kids run after you for money at different points and  you see that their parents actually support them in that. You wonder why this behavior and then you realize development is yet to reach Taki in the way it should have.

Taki somewhat confused me. I wanted to enjoy my trip but I was perplexed with so many things here. The fact that you find the simple village life and with that you see the border security force moving here and there and checking your movements you wonder how nations are divided. The river with two banks have two countries on its sides, is that a unique thing?

Beauty of Taki
For me Taki was an illusion

My heart was filled with sadness and I remembered that song: “Panchhi, nadiya, pawan ke jhonke, koi sarhad na inhe roke, sarhadein insaano ke liye hain, kya paya humne insaan hoke.” It was apt for that moment. The divide was overpowering.


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