Kolkata – The city I will never get to know

Kolkata - The mystery remains
Kolkata - The original metropolis of contrasts.
Kolkata - The mystery remains
Kolkata – The original metropolis of contrasts.


The city of Kolkata is an enigma to me. I can never define its growth cycle: Is it growing or is it falling behind? Is it enriching itself culturally, is it killing its own culture? The city gives you so many clues, but they are all diagonally opposite. A “private” Ambassador car running cheek to cheek with a Jaguar was my opening scene of  yesterday’s Kolkata visit. If getting out of the airport and covering a distance of 12 kilometers took me 15 minutes, getting around Park Circus stretch of about 1.5 kilometers took a good 45 minutes. Great high-rise buildings contrast with that Dinosaur in the middle of the road outside Science city and that “shall never  get completed elevated road in front of ITC Sonar Bangla.”

People, yes people at South City Mall, I was in for more of “I will never get to know this city.” One individual can negotiate for 10 minutes for that 1 Re reduction in price of “Daab” and walk-in and buy a Burberry at Shopper’s Stop for Rs 5,500.00 in a matter of seconds. It is a city of extreme contrasts, unlike other cities in India, extreme contrasts do exist in other cities too, but they are in certain pockets. In Kolkata contrasting life dynamics is the rule.

I do love this city though and enjoy my every visit, let it remain an enigma, I don’t care!

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