The Calm and Placid-Begumpuri Masjid in Delhi

Begumpuri Masjid,Delhi
Begumpuri Masjid: Immensely Peaceful and Relaxing
Begumpuri Masjid,Delhi
Begumpuri Masjid: Immensely Peaceful and Relaxing

Location: Near Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Road, Begampur, Delhi

Delhi, having been the capital of several empires in history, has a plethora of architectures belonging to different dynasties. Out of the many structures that still remain unknown to the most of us, I found one in an alienated village in the city. The Begumpuri Masjid in the Begumpur Village in South Delhi is an ancient mosque which traces its history back to the Tughlaq era. Built during the 14th century, it finds it place in the seven renowned mosques built by the Prime Minister of Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s court, Khan-i-Jahan-Junan Shah.

The Begumpuri Masjid is a mosque with a grand structure which was used for congregational purposes as well as a Madrasa. It was carelessly left out by Mohammad Bin Tughlaq and thus, lies in a decayed condition surviving the wraths of time and development. The mosque was constructed in the typical Tughlaq style with a huge courtyard and arcaded cloisters. A huge gate on the eastern side opens into the mosque which contains almost 64 domed compartments inside. There is a prayer hall on the western side which faces the Mecca and also has the building’s central arch. Rubble Masonry has been used in the construction of the entire Masjid.

The ambience of the Begumpuri Masjid is as fascinating as the structure itself. The whole compound of the Masjid is immensely peaceful and breezy. The silence and calm takes you to a different world altogether. The grandeur of the Masjid speaks of its relevance in the ancient period. The Masjid was evidently more than just a mosque. It was rather a social hub for the Tughlaq Dynasty. Even as the Masjid remains as a broken structure now, the tranquility in its atmosphere still attracts those looking for a quick break-through from the hustle-bustle of the city.

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