Rocks, City and the Sea of Opportunity

Can a photograph tell you everything about a city?

Can a city be explained by a photograph? This photograph talks to me, it tells me that the city of Mumbai is:

This is a city where only few stones are visible of every path.

This is a city where obstacles compete with opportunities for that common space.

This is a city where even a sea is too small for your dreams.

This is a city where avenues can be sky high, and still there could be space to add a few more stories on them.

This is a city which offers neighborhoods where milk can come from one house, sugar from another and tea can be prepared in the third ones.

This is a city where isolation can be so isolated that skeletons may only be discovered if their smell irritates some neigbors.

This is a city where clouds can be harbinger of bliss and the carriers of doom.

This is a city where you can be lost forever or you can be the find forever.

This is a city which can be easily labelled as the opportunity capital of India.

Mumbai/ Bombay whatever you call it, the fact remains this city always calls you back.

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