Kashmir – Magic Of Earth, Water And Air

River Lidder Pahalgam
When air, water and earth talk to you, you ask yourself who needs these worldly possessions?

Nestled on the edge of a glistening stream, I found myself in the enchanting embrace of Kashmir. Pahalgam was my haven, and the river that flowed before me was the mesmerizing Lidder. It was May, and the water, originating from melting glacial ice, sent a shiver down my spine with its icy touch. Though the initial moments were challenging, the captivating trio of the stream, the snowy mountains’ teasing breeze, and the magic they wove compelled me to remain seated for hours.

Lidder, a tributary of the Jhelum, embarked on a remarkable journey through nature’s most exquisite landscapes. It gracefully traversed meadows and valleys, breathing life into the surrounding valley as it carried its pure, untamed waters towards the plains. Its passage was not only picturesque but also a testament to its unspoiled purity. Every step taken along the river’s banks filled the heart with dreams—the dream of walking its entire course, from the glacier’s birthplace to the point where Lidder merged harmoniously with the Jhelum.

My inner child cherishes fond memories of wandering along the river’s winding path, meandering through countless moments of awe. I would often find solace on its banks, playfully splashing its cool waters upon my face. Each splash brought a renewed sense of wonder, as if it were unlocking my eyes wider than ever before, drawing me closer to the purest essence of nature and all the wonders it beholds.

Oh, how I yearn for Kashmir to find its long-awaited tranquility, allowing those idyllic walks to be a natural part of life once more, free from the need for elaborate arrangements or concerns. May Kashmir settle into a peaceful embrace, where the ethereal beauty of its landscapes can be wholeheartedly embraced by all. May the melodies of Lidder’s flowing waters intertwine with the soothing rhythm of life, enabling us to wander effortlessly in its embrace, savoring the best that our world has to offer.

In this hopeful vision, may Kashmir once again become a sanctuary of serenity, granting us the joy of reliving those unforgettable walks along the banks of the Lidder River, reconnecting us with the awe-inspiring magnificence that defines this remarkable land.

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