Kashmir – Magic of Earth, Water and Air

River Lidder Pahalgam
When air, water and earth talk to you, you ask yourself who needs these worldly possessions?
River  Lidder Pahalgam
The River Lidder, Pahalgam,

Sitting on the edge of a stream with my feet dangling in the water and the breeze from snowy mountains teasing my cheeks, making them turn red is my memory of Kashmir. It was Pahalgam and the river was Lidder, the  month was May and the water was ice-cold,  the first few minutes were tough but it was the magic of the three which made me sit there for hours.

Lidder,  a tributary of Jhelum passes through nature’s finest course crossing meadows and enriching a valley as it carries just  melted glacial ice to the plains. A journey which is as picturesque as  it is pure. Everyone who has a walked a couple of miles along the banks of the river has a dream, a dream to walk the whole course from the glacier to the spot where the Lidder merges itself with the Jhelum.

The kid in me remembers fondly hours of walking up and down the course of the river and sitting on its banks to splash water on my face. It seemed every splash would make my eyes open wider than before, every splash would take me closer to the nature, close to the best our world has to offer.

How much I wish that Kashmir should settle down and those walks should once again be possible without arranging for them.

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