The Joy of Shopping at the Flea Markets of Mumbai

Flea Markets in Mumbai
Flea Markets in Mumbai
Flea Markets in Mumbai

“”Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop”
– Bo Derek

Retail therapy is by far the most effective technique of rejuvenation! Who better than a woman would know this? She loves to shop and to shop till you drop! There is wide variety of shoppers in the world. While some like to splurge on the branded couture, the others feel happy bargaining. The city of Mumbai has always been regarded as the fashion capital of India. Not only does it have the top notch designers at its call, but is also a home to some of the most sought after flea markets in the country.

A good flea market is a shopper’s paradise and Mumbai is definitely one of that! The flea or the street markets in Mumbai offer a good deal of opportunities for the shopaholic to indulge in luxuriant shopping. Who would miss a chance to buy the most stylish and fanciful attire that too at a good bargain? Shopping at the flea markets of Mumbai is as essential as visiting the Gateway of India! So here is a small insight of the shopping paradise of the city of Mumbai-

1. Colaba Causeway

This is one place where you would get everything, quite literally! Handicrafts, clothes, books or jewellery; anything that you could possibly think of. And when you get tired drop-in at the Leopold’s Café, one of the most famous hangout areas in Mumbai.

2. Linking Road

A vibrant amalgamation of traditional and modern, this place is one of the most crowded places of Mumbai. Avoid visiting this market on Sundays if you don’t like congested areas.

3. Crawford Market

Nestled in a historical colonial building, this is one of the oldest markets of Mumbai. Fruits and vegetables are its specialties. There is also a special area devoted to pets of all kinds

4. Fashion Street

This place has the highest fashion quotient in Mumbai and the locals can swear by the same. With over 150 stalls, Fashion Street is quite popular amongst the youngsters.

5. Chor Bazaar

Initially, this was not actually a thieves market! The mispronunciation of British changed the name of this place from Shor Bazaar to Chor Bazaar and then eventually it lived up to its name! If vintage is your taste, strive through the crowded lanes of this market to get your hands on some of the most unique items of all times.

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