The “Sweet” Destinations of India

The Irresistible Sweets of India
The Irresistible Sweets of India

A vibrant amalgamation of a number of factions, India is a country with profound richness of cultures. Cultures that make India a nation of colors, festivals, traditions and cuisine. The incredible diversity in each and every aspect reflects the oneness that the citizens of India share with each other irrespective of the viable differences. My recent visit to a sweet shop proved to be a fruitful rendezvous with this richness. An array of alluringly colorful sweets not only provoked me to taste each one of them but also to find out about the places these culinary delights actually belonged to! So here I am today, writing about the sweet specialties of a number of places in India. Get ready to have a mouth-watering read:-

1. Mathura’s Peda-

This is the most popular connotation amongst the people of India. A visit to the divine land of Lord Krishna, relishing the easily melting milk based Peda is absolutely indispensable. Once this mouth-watering sweet goes into your mouth, it is extremely difficult for you to stop.

2. Bengal’s Sandesh and Rosogulla-

Bengalis are sweet people and you can thank the variety of sweets patent to this state for that. Rosogulla, a sweet that literally waters the mouth with its sweet syrup, is the most famous desert of Kolkata. Another very popular sweet here is the “chenna” based Sandesh that comes in a variety of options.

3. Rajasthan’s Ghewar-

A yellow colored disc-shaped sweet, Ghewar is the specialty of Rajasthan. It is mainly prepared during the Teej festival and is made with flour and sugar syrup with variations of mawa and malai.

4. Maharashtra’s Modak-

Modak is the favorite food of Lord Ganesha and is thus significantly popular amongst the Maharashtrians. It a coconut and jaggery filled dumpling made from rice/wheat flour and maida.

5. Gujarat’s Soan Papdi-

This soft flaky Indian delicacy is the popular sweet of Gujarat. It has a crispy texture and is best suited for people who prefer mild sweetness.

6. Punjab’s Gajar ka Halwa-

Also known as Gajrela, it is a sweet pudding made by mixing milk, sugar and grated carrot. It is mostly garnished with cashews and almonds. This heavenly sweet has been the age-old traditional recipe in the state of Punjab.

7. Assam’s Pitha-

Its a special type of rice cake that is made on the occasion of Bihu. It is one of the tastiest eatery from the Assamese cuisine. It can be of different types including one that of a salty flavor.

8. Odisha’s Khaja-

Khaja holds a special significance in the Puri district of Odisha. It is the favorite sweet of Lord Jagannath. Legend has it that God himself instructed a man to prepare this this by appearing in his dream.

9. Agra’s Petha-

The second most important thing in Agra after the Taj Mahal is this pumpkin based sweet dish called Petha. It is a low fat sweet that is available in as many as 50 variations.

10. Mysore’s Mysore Pak

As the name suggests,this sweet was originally created in the Mysore Palace Kitchen. It is made up of gram flour, sugar dipped in large chunks of Ghee and is yellowish in color.


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