The Unexplored Rural Beauty of India

Exploring the lush greenery of rural India
Exploring the Lush Greenery of Rural India

Lush greenery of rural India

The diverse topography of India makes it one of the most exotic travel destinations in India. The mesmerizing beauty of each and every part of the country has been acknowledged worldwide, thereby, welcoming lakhs of tourists every year. Even though the tourism sector has opened gates for the travelers to experience the lavish pulchritude of the country, one thing that they still remain devoid of is the whimsical beauty of rural India. The real grace of India as a travel destination lies in the untouched rural locations all over the country.

The rural parts of India are blessed with unmatched natural beauty, which brings us close to the nature. Experiencing a traditional environment with touching hospitality has its own joy! The earthy way of life, the rural homestay, the vibrant culture and huge open fields with lush greenery, all of it is just so pleasurable and stupefying! The rich heritage of India’s culture and traditions can be best experienced only at the unexplored rural destinations of India.

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So here I give you the five most picturesque locations of rural India that offer the best paradigm of inherent beauty-

  • Hodka Village in Gujarat-

The capital of Kutchh region, the Hodka Village lies on the edge of the white desert and the sand mixed Rann. This region in Gujarat is known for its shimmering mirror work, leather craft, Banni Grasslands, breathtaking view of Rann and Khichdi-kadhi.

  • Chitrakote in Chhattisgarh-

This unique village in the Bastar district is known for Lord Ram’s stay while he was exiled. The majestic waterfalls of this place are known as the Niagra Falls of India. Greenery, Mountains, Forests, Valleys and Caves, Chitrakote has everything to offer!

  • Lachen in Sikkim-

At a height of 8500 feet, this village is located amidst snow-capped peaks and glaciers. Since this village has been recently made accessible, it holds special freshness and novelty. The natives of this place are extremely fun-loving and social.

  • Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu-

Located in the Sivaganga District, Karaikudi or Chettinadu is famous for its old mansions, art and architecture. The specialty of this place is the hot and spicy Chettinad cuisine.

  • Nepura Village in Bihar-

Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at this place and therefore this place automatically holds a special importance. This small village is located between the Nalanda dand Rajgir town and is known for its Tussar Silk.

This is just a brief account; the rural beauty of India is way too vast to jot down at one instance. Feeling the magnificence of rural India is a unique experience that every Indian should lay his hands upon! After all, the true essence of India thrives in its villages!