Shaadi ke Side Effects Movie Review

Shadi ke Side Effects
Shadi ke Side Effects

Shadi ke Side Effects

StarringFarhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Vir Das, Ila Arun

Directed bySaket Chaudhary


Having dealt with the Pyaar ke Side Effects, which resulted in marriage, if you thought it was the end then you are absolutely wrong, my friend! Marriage is not the end, its just the beginning of a bigger mess that you put yourself in. Well, at least this is what Saket Chaudhary is trying to convey in his second movie, Shaadi ke Side Effects! The “syapa” that started with Pyar ke Side Effects in 2006 continues a step further in Shadi ke Side Effects. As the name suggests, the movie deals with the two characters trying to dodge between their personal and married life and to find the perfect solution of a happy marriage! While Saket Chaudhary’s directorial debut, Pyar ke Side Effects, impressed the audience with its fun and realism, lets find out what its successor holds in store for us!

PlotShaadi ke Side effects is a comic take on the effects of marriage on the relationship between Sid and Trisha and also the changes they that have to face after having their first child.

PerformancesAfter watching Farhan in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I was very sure about the fact that this actor has an awesome comic timing! The way he syncs into the character is truly exceptional.

Despite of her plane-jane  looks and  a heavy figure, Vidya Balan has been lauded as one of the finest performers of bollywood. She holds a terrific talent of emoting through her eyes. Her effervescence and spark makes even a nagging wife look adorable.

Ram Kapoor, Vir Das, Ila Arun and Rati Agnihotri have been painfully wasted! Their presence could have added to the fun and frolic in the movie only if their characters had been intelligently designed.

Music:For the first time I am much surprised by the fact that the music of this film has been composed by Pritam! Pritam is known for having composed some of the biggest chartbusters of bollywood. But the album of Shadi ke Side Effects is totally opposite of what this music director has delivered so far. Except for one or two, most of the tracks are dull and uninteresting. This is definitely not one of the finest works of Pritam!

What’s GoodIt is of course the performance of the two of the most finest actors that makes the audience stick to a loosely written script like this. The comic elements in the movie are worth a laugh. The first half is fun and interesting and brings realism to the movie.

What’s BadThe second half of the movie is a bit stretched and draggy. Unlike its predecessor, the music in this one is not so great. The problems are real but the solutions are not!

Since Saket Chaudhary’s last venture, Pyar ke Side Effects was so impressive and entertaining; it was liable to have high hopes from this one. Especially because the trailers were so much fun to watch! Nonetheless, Shadi ke Side Effects could not leave a lasting effect on the audience. While the first half was thoroughly enjoyed, the second half brought lethargy to the movie. The message that the film sought to endorse through a comic angle ends up coming up on an emotional note and thus, spoils the lightness of the film. Even though the movie is not as great as its predecessor, watch it for the performances by the actors, only if you really want to!

Verdict:There is no way to escape the side-effects of marriage! The movie makes for a decent watch!

Rating: ** and a 1/2