Places to see in Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai

Couple frolicking in the park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is aptly termed as the ‘lungs of the city’ as it provides most of the oxygen to the pollution-ridden city. This park initially was very small in area but in the early 1960s all the surrounding forests were included and made into one area, thus making it a 104 sq. km wide forest which we see today.

Checkpost at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Checkpost at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The Park is rich in flora and fauna. What I heard from the locals is that it has a special flower named Karvy (Karvi in Marathi) which blooms once in every eight years. No doubt, nature has many surprises in store for us!

A couple having a good time
A couple having a good time together in the park

When I reached the park, they charged Rs 50 from me as a security deposit for the plastic bottle I was carrying. This was a great environment-friendly initiative by the authorities and I think this should be done in all the national parks across the nation.

Toy train at the Krishnagiri station
Toy train at the Krishnagiri station

I was very excited for the tiger safari. So, I  spent Rs 61 to get myself booked for one. They made us sit in a caged bus covered from all sides. When I got inside,  I saw tigers roaming in cages even inside the caged area. Although lions were kept in the open but, a lion out there appeared dead as if it was tranquilised. Hey, this was not what I had expected !

A lion resting in shade
A lion resting in shade

After finishing my so-called “tiger quest”, I went to see the other attractions in the park: a  lake where people were boating. It was a beautiful lake with lotus flowers on one side. A great picnic spot for families! Then, there was a toy train which hovered around the conserved area with a small station in between. A perfect delight for children !

White tiger
White tiger: one of the attractions of the Park


River stream
A river stream in the National Park


Boating in the park provides a good option for relaxation

Walking in the park was a delightful and refreshing experience as it purified me from inside.


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