What are the health benefits of Chenopodium album?

Green veggies appear in local farmers’ markets and supermarket shops during winters. Consuming green vegetables throughout the winter is essential to protect your body against colds and flu. Winter greens are vital for a balanced diet, and there are a variety of recipes to try.

Aside from the well-known winter greens methi (fenugreek), palak (spinach), and sarso (mustard greens), there is yet another lesser-known winter vegetable that we should all include in our meals this winter. Bathua, also known as Chenopodium album, is a healthy winter veggie, and it is cultivated and eaten in Northern India, also called pigweed. Bathua greens or leaves are frequently prepared with other veggies and eaten with flatbread.

Here are the benefits of Chenopodium album:

Repairs cells

Bathua has a lot of amino acids. Because amino acids comprise a considerable component of our cells, they can play an essential role in cell growth, repair, and formation.

Constipation Relief

Bathua, high in water content, is also an excellent source of fibre and has digestive characteristics that can aid digestion and ease constipation.

Weight Loss May be Aided

Bathua contains just 43 calories per 100gm. As a result, it’s ideal for people who want to lose weight while simultaneously eating a balanced diet.

Blood Purification

You’re undoubtedly aware that perfect skin requires a healthy diet, and blood impurity is one of the primary causes of acne and recurrent outbreaks. Bathua may now be consumed daily to cleanse your blood and give you gorgeous skin.

Encourages Healthy Hair

Bathua, which is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, helps improve your hair from the roots. This reduces hair fall, leaving your hair smooth, lustrous, and strong.

Improves Eye Health

Most of us have professions that demand us to spend the majority of time staring at a computer screen. This way of life might have an effect on our eyes over time. Bathua’s zinc and iron levels might help to keep your vision healthy.

Beneficial to Oral Health

Is lousy breath bothering you? It is not only inconvenient, but it may also be humiliating. Bathua might be your one-stop remedy for getting rid of bad breath. In reality, it can assist you in dealing with various dental issues such as gum bleeding, sensitive teeth, etc. You may incorporate this vegetable into your diet, including saag and sabzi, paratha, raita, and roti!

Bathue Ki Roti: It is a healthful and tasty winter flatbread that you’ll want to prepare over and over. To create this flatbread, cook the leaves and grind them into a puree, then mix with wheat flour and a variety of additional flavours and spices. After that, the dough is shaped into circles and baked in a pan.

Bathue Ka Raita: Bathua raita, like all other vegetable raitas, is created by cooking and crushing bathua greens into a puree. This mixture may then be stirred into fresh curd, adding salt, chillies, and other flavours and ingredients.