7 Spiritual Lessons from the Currency Invalidation in India

Spiritual Life Lessons after Note Ban in India

Spiritual Life Lessons after Note Ban in India

8 November, 2016: A date that will be forever etched on the mind of every Indian. As has been stressed earlier, this decision from the central government came out of the blue, like a plane falling from the sky. Nobody was expecting this to happen, given the laissez-faire attitude adopted by the national government in controlling matters as detrimental as black money and fake currency until 8 November.

Even after (almost) a week has passed following that decision, its different aspects – such as necessity, execution, and probable impact – are being discussed at large by people across the country.

However, apart from its real-world ramifications and implications there are many spiritual lessons one can learn from the government’s surgical strike against black money.

Change Happens Without Notice

One of the truisms of life is that change can happen without you having any inkling of it. It is seldom that we know what is going to happen to our lives. The way the notes were withdrawn left everyone stunned, to say the least. However, it would be absolutely wrong to think that we had no time to be prepared for it – we had around four hours, or more? (Remember the innumerable requests made by the PM Narendra Modi and his cabinet under the Income Declaration Scheme some time ago?)

It is the same with the biggest truth of life – death. We never know when, where and how it might creep up on us. At least in the first case we were ready, but will we be ready or aware when death comes calling? The answer is, perhaps not.

Everything Can Be Gone In a Moment (POOF! All Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 Notes Gone)

Before the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes were declared null and void, the people carrying huge sums of those notes considered themselves wealthy. However, now all that ‘value’ has vanished in thin air. In fact, lots of people, who had accumulated black money over the years, may now have lost almost all of that money!

The same thing can happen in life as well. With one bad incident, all our money, fame, wealth and power can be gone in a moment just like that! No questions asked.

Never Trust Banks Blindly

When we leave the world all the opportunities to do good work will go with us. It is just like the banks and ATMs that are closed now. We can enjoy and use all that we bought with 500- and 1000-rupee notes previously, but now that these have been declared null and void, we won’t be able to buy anything new by spending them.

Just like that, only the good work that we have done in our lives will help us in our afterlives, as then we won’t be able to undo any bad we may have done in life.

False Will Never Last (Not in the least!)

One of the major aims of the steps taken by the Indian Government was to stamp out counterfeit currency. Soon, they will cease to exist in the system. Similarly, any fake or half-hearted attempt that we make to live will always be found out and questioned. We need to ask ourselves if we are always being genuine in our attempts at success and happiness, creating and maintaining relationships, or even when we are doing something good for others.

Perhaps, more often than not, we are not authentic and that is what lands us in trouble at the end of the day. Be as original as you are, always.

Small is Always Big

When in life you do something big it inevitably gets to your head and you start thinking the world of yourself. You become haughty and arrogant. The best people are the ones who work unnoticed and unappreciated, doing their work dutifully and sincerely without expecting anything, such as public attention and affection, in return.

A few days back, people with 500- and 1000-rupee notes were calling the shots, but now people with change and 100 rupee notes are the ones who are on ascendancy, if only for a little while. This is how the circle of life also works.

Intention is Important

In life, people will always question the intent behind each and every action of yours. When you go to a bank to exchange a 500-, or 1000-rupee note the authorities shall ask for your identity proof, PAN number and source of income. In the same way, on the day you are judged by Lord Almighty, your intentions for each and every action in your lifetime will be asked from you.

Why did you do something? Was it out of generosity or because of a sense of competition? Was it to please Him and carry out His will? Only genuinely-good deeds will guarantee a good afterlife.

Planning is Important

Now that all the 500- and 1000-rupee notes have been declared illegal tender people are planning how they can use the money, what they can do with the excess of it. However, it is quite late and all they can do is either exchange it or deposit it in the bank account. The latter even has an upper limit.

The only option left with them is to see their ‘hard-earned’ black money go down the drain and be honest for the rest of their lives. The same principle applies in life as well. You need to have the right intention, be sincerely devoted to the cause of just actions, and behave responsibly; otherwise, you will lose the battle to time.

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