Fairs and Festivals in Mysore

Representing the religious fervor of the state, the colorful fairs and festivals in Mysore are celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigor. The fairs and festivals reflect the rich cultural ancestry and traditional legacy of the bygone era that has percolated to the modern times. Unaltered and unchanged by modern day civilization, the age-old fairs and festivals of Mysore are observed with complete devotion and religious rituals.

Comprising of a mixed population, all the festivals of different religious communities are celebrated with equal passion and religious zeal. However, upholding the traditional culture of the imperial royal kingdom of the ancient times, Dusshera and Yugadi occupy a special position among all the numerous fairs and festivals of Mysore.

The ten days festival of Dusshera represents the old glory and grandeur of the region. During the ancient times, the mighty ruler of the vast empire of Vijayanagra used to take out a huge procession of elephants to mark the festive occasion of Dusshera. In the modern times, a procession of well dressed elephants carrying an idol of Goddess Chamundi moves through the city of Mysore.
The city wears a decorative look on the special festive occasion of religious importance. Dressed in colorful attires, the men and women enjoy every moment of the festival of Dusshera that fills the air with joy and mirth.

The festival of Yugadi is observed with great religious zeal and enthusiasm. Usually celebrated in the end of March or the beginning of April, the New Year festival of Yugadi fills the air with joy and excitement. The local indigenous population of Mysore flaunts their new dresses on the special festive occasion of Yugadi and adds to the joyous mood of the city.

The fairs and festivals of Mysore are celebrated with religious purity and dedication that reflects the strong hold of traditional culture on the cosmopolitan society.

Below is the list of important fairs and festivals in Mysore:

Last Updated on 9/14/2011