One of the prominent religious festivals of Mysore, Dusshera is celebrated with much pomp and show in the month of October. Reflecting the old glory and grandeur of the region, Dusshera is observed in accordance with strict traditional religious rituals and customs.

An integral part of the numerous fairs and festivals in Mysore, Dusshera portrays the strong hold of traditional cultural values over the modern values of the contemporary society. The city of Mysore wears a colorful and attractive look on the special festive occasion of Dusshera. Celebrated for a continuous period of ten days, Dusshera reminds one of the rich cultural ancestry and traditional heritage of the region that has penetrated the modern society.

During the ancient period, the royal emperor of the Viyaynagar Empire used to go out on the elephant's back on the tenth day of Dusshera.
However with the passage of time, this tradition has been replaced by another custom where well dressed elephants carrying an idol of Goddess Chamundi take a round of the city to mark the special occasion.

Visitors from far and wide flock to the ancient city of Mysore to witness the grand celebration of the Hindu festival of Dusshera. Many fairs are organized within the city of Mysore that draws several local tourists. Men and women dress up in traditional attire of South India and participate with great religious fervor and enthusiasm.

The festival of Dusshera reflects the deep religious sentiments of the local indigenous inhabitants of Mysore and fills the otherwise monotonous air of the city with joy and mirth.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011