Mysuru (Mysore) Media

One of the chief means of communication is the living and print Mysore media that has developed over the ages. At present the media in Mysore comprise of the television, newspapers and the radio that was established in the beginning of the century. Eminent personalities of the city participated in the establishment of the All India Radio or the Akashvani Mysore and the various newspapers that are circulated among the masses of Mysore in the present day. Among the various newspapers, the Deccan Herald is reputed to be the chief newspaper of Mysore.

In the colonial era, the city of Mysore is reputed to have published more than a hundred newspapers that worked to eradicate the ruling class that discriminated against classes of the people. The newspapers also acted against the rising power of colonialism of the British in India. The attempts to start a newspaper in the city in 1894 were ruined by the British to prevent the consolidation of power against the British. the Sadhvi was one of the premier local newspapers published in the Kannad language in those days. Presently, the newspapers punlished in Mysore comprise of the Deccan Herald, the Star of Mysore, the Prajavani, the Mysore Mitra, Samachara, Samachar and the Andolana. The newspapers are published in the English language and Kannad. The Times of India published its first edition lately in the year 2005. The newspapers of the present day are formatted in the broadsheet with an exception of the Star of Mysore which is published in the tabloid format.

The Mysore Akashvani was first established in the year 1936 and later adopted the official name of the All India Radio in the year 1957.

The Mysore media has a strong impulse on the people of the city, bringing them the news and representing their views in living and print format.

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