Akashvani Mysore

The first radio transmission was conducted through the Akashvani Mysore that was established in the year 1936. The radio station adopted the name of the All India Radio in the year 1957 and continues to air the programs at 100.6 MHz frequency in the city of Mysore.

The first sound broadcasting on the radio was first started in the year 1927 owing to the efforts made by the private radio clubs that existed in the early days of the colonial rule. The station officially was converted into a government organization in the year 1936 broadcasting its programs in the chief cities of the country. The same year, the Akashvani Mysore was established on the efforts made by the renowned professor of psychology in the Mysore University, Dr. M.V. Gopalaswamy. The radio fell under the supervision of the government in the year 1941 while the official name of the All India Radio was adopted in the year 1957.
The radio station educates and entertains the people of the city of Mysore on the modulated frequency of 100.6 MHz. The radio channel broadcast its programs under the supervision of the reputed Kannad essayist, A. N. Moorthy Rao during its inception. The Professor of English Literature was the then director of the radio channel.

The Akashvani Mysore conducts its programs in English and the local language of Kannad. The radio channel celebrated its golden jubilee in the year 1986 after completion of 50 years of transmission. The station continues to impart knowledgeable information and to entertain the people of the city of Mysore even today.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011