Ethnicity in Nagaland

Ethnicity in Nagaland includes a number of tribal communities which are again divided into several sub-tribal sections. The various Naga tribes that form the core of Nagaland ethnicity are known to have derived their origin from the Indo-Mongoloid family. The unique trait of the different ethnic groups of Nagaland is that they prefer to live in the rural zones of the state instead of the prominent and posh areas.

The ethnic communities of the state enrich the Nagaland society and culture by providing a vibrant platform of dynamism. The festivals and rituals of the various ethnic groups of Nagaland differ considerably. Also, the spoken language of one ethnic group is different from another. This shows the diverse nature of the various ethnic groups present in Nagaland state.

The tribes under the ethnicity of Nagaland follow a common faith. Most of the tribes of Nagaland are Christian. Nagamese is the common language spoken by majority of the Nagaland people. As per the political records of Nagaland, the ethnicity has played a major role in developing the social format of this state.

Since ethnicity is a key indicator of the social progress hence the ethnic groups of Nagaland are expected to perform on the same level. Although initially the various ethnic communities of Nagaland were not on the same platform, later through Christianity they have been provided with the same.

Today, Nagaland ethnicity has become a vital factor which bears sufficient possibilities of bringing in a rapid and progressive change in this Northeastern state of India.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013