Religion in Nagaland

Religion in Nagaland comprises mostly of the followers of Christianity. Prior to the advent of the British rulers, the local indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland believed in ancestor worship. Christian religion was introduced by the Englishmen who played an important role in changing the socio- cultural condition of the state.

Dr. E. W. Clark had spread the message of tolerance and love among the native population of Nagaland. Every village of Nagaland has a Church that follows strict religious rituals and customs. The followers of Christianity regularly visit Church and take part in the Services of the religious institution to seek divine blessings of the Supreme Being.

Some population of the local indigenous inhabitants still follows the ancient religion of Animism. According to the principles of animism, the followers worship their ancestors who are believed to help them from any kind of difficult predicament. A little proportion of the native population are ardent followers of Hindu, Islam and Sikh religious community.

The local inhabitants of Nagaland celebrate Christmas with great religious fervor and enthusiasm. The true believers of Christianity, the vast majority of Christian population strictly adhere to the customary rituals of the religion. All the villages of Nagaland wear a decorative look on special festive occasions of Christmas and Easter.

Nagaland boasts of several aboriginal tribes who follow different social rituals and traditional customs. However keeping in tune with the secular identity of India, all the different tribal communities of Nagaland co- exist in a peaceful ambiance.

Representing the religious fervor of the state, the local indigenous population observes Christian rituals with great devotion and dedication.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013