Nagaland Music

Nagaland Music represents the rhythmically rich cultural heritage of the state. The tribes living in the remote corners of Nagaland have their inherent tradition of music. Since there are various tribal communities in Nagaland, the music of the state also expresses the melodious diversity of the same.

The themes on which the music of Nagaland is formed center around either the religious beliefs, romance or bravery. The Heliamleu which is also called by the name of dancing song of Nagaland is one of the popular music forms of the state which is based upon romanticism. Generally both the youth and the aged people create lines for this music.

The Hereileu song is known as the war song of Nagaland. This is because the aged people of Nagaland narrate their achievements in past battles through this form of music. Then there is the Neuleu song of Nagaland which expresses the legendary acts of any particular figure or a significant ancient happening in the state.

Hekialeu is another enticing part of the music of Nagaland which is of two types. The first type of Hekialeu song is composed and sung by the old people of Nagaland to glorify the deeds of their youthful days. The second type of Hekialeu song is created by both the young and old generation.

There are several rhythmic instrument that aptly accompany the Nagaland music. Trumpet, theku, petu and many other string instruments are commonly used during the music sessions in Nagaland. Apart from creating a melodious effect these musical instruments also enhances the quality of Nagaland music.

Nagaland music in itself is an awe-inspiring cultural heritage of the state.


Heliamleu is a popular tribal song of Nagaland. The young people as well as the old people of the state of Nagaland involve themselves in the making of the Heliamleu song. Romantic themes are generally selected for the Heliamleu song. Ever since the tribes started living in the rural parts of Nagaland they developed an array of cultural features. Music is a prime expression of that very cultural base of Nagaland tribes. During the major festivals the tribes of Nagaland gather in a place and share the music of Heliamleu. Known as one of the oldest music forms of Nagaland music Heliamleu boasts of a rich and vibrant heritage. Sometimes the song of Heliamleu is also accompanied by musical instruments. In other cases the Heliamleu song is sung by the aged and the young with their own melodious vocal chords.

Since Heliamleu song is sung by the tribes of Nagaland from a very long time hence it has become an integral part of the cultural diversity of the state. The lines and lyrics of Heliamleu song are composed with great enthusiasm by both the younger and the older generation of Nagaland. Nagaland music has always been the center of attraction for the local tribes and sub-tribes of the state. The music in fact reflect the lifestyle, customs and beliefs of the local inhabitants of Nagaland state. It can be said that Heliamleu is the perfect manifestation of the music tradition of the Nagaland state.

is considered as a prime manifestation of the Nagaland music. The tribal groups inhabiting the land of Nagaland from many past centuries are quite deft in the Neuleu song. The aged people who have seen the glorious past ages of Nagaland are commonly entrusted with the job of composing the Neuleu song. They, in turn, make the song of Neuleu in such a way that the performance, deeds or a particular historical event gets the prominent focus.

During the tribal festivals of Nagaland the Neuleu song is sung by the old people of the state. The vocal melody of these people are so enigmatic that at times musical instruments become secondary. It can be said that Neuleu song of Nagaland brings forward the bright bygone days of the state when the gallant tribes of the place have done many a chivalrous deed.


The song of Hekialeu has two variations. While one type of Hekialeu is sung only by the old people of Nagaland state, the other one is sung by both the old and young generation of the state. Hekialeu song of old people in Nagaland involves the description of interesting events that took place in their youthful days. Whereas the Hekialeu song composed by old and young includes various aspects of both the generation. Nagaland music is one of the most appealing cultural traits of the place. Being populated by various tribes and their sub-sections, Nagaland presents a diverse range of music forms. Hekialeu is one such type of music of Nagaland which is present in the state from many past decades.

The old people of the state of Nagaland have a store house of experience. Hekialeu song of the state is a medium through which these aged inhabitants of Nagaland share their life story with others. Also, when the young girls and boys sing the Hekialeu song during any tribal festival it rejuvenates the entire ambiance of the place. Hekialeu, in a way, symbolizes the apt synchronization of the various generations of Nagaland that have a treasure house of different types of experiences.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013