Raj Mahal

Raj Mahal was built by Madhukar Shah, the predecessor of Bir Singh Ju Deo, across the granite bridge. The palace is known for its elaborate interiors and intricate detailing. Visitors are allowed to enter the palace daily between 1000 hours 1700 hours.

The construction of the Raj Mahal of Orchha started under Rudra Pratap. However, the construction of palace completed under Madhukar Shah. The Raj Mahal in Orchha contains raised balconies and luxurious royal quarters. One can also come across interlocking walkways that features symmetrical tiers. The walkways of the palace are laureled by turrets and domed pavilions. The palace also features vibrant paintings and mirror-inlay on the ceilings and the walls. It is remarkable that some of the embellishments of the palace are still vibrant.

The Raj Mahal at Orchha leads to the Sheesh Mahal. Therefore, tourists willing to visit Sheesh Mahal can consult the resident chowkidar. The resident chowkidar has a vivid knowledge of the palace and he can lead the tourists to the different corners of the palace, as well as the Sheesh Mahal.

Last Updated on 19/06/2013